What is the Option Wheel Strategy in Options Trading?

What is the Option Wheel Strategy in Options Trading?

As a first step, you should know the definition of wheel trading strategy to discuss it in more detail. In this article we will discuss this kind of strategy in a brief and simple way, so it would be easy for you to understand what basically the wheel trading strategy is.
In this wheel trading strategy, you must acquire the potential low-cost stock and make money when they sell at gets high rate. The term wheel trading strategy is also known as the Triple Income Strategy, referred to as the best trading strategy. This can be considered as an income strategy or a stock acquisition strategy.
To make it simple, let’s discuss any daily life example; this wheel trading strategy is like buying anything which is getting sold at a low price, and we know that this thing should be sold at a good rate, so we buy all the things at a lower price and sell it at a higher price and get profit from it is known as wheel trading strategy.
In this article we will discuss about wheel trading strategy, it’s benefits, and some other important key points. Let’s have a look on it.
This strategy consists of several steps and option transition, and we will discuss all the steps in detail.

Wheel Strategy Explained

Option Wheel Strategy

From its heading, it’s crystal clear that we should buy stocks completely satisfied with owning for the long term. Simply it means that we should buy the thing that is not trending yet but will be trending in the future; for this, you should have experience in trading. Keep the premium which is not valued in the current market price yet. We can say it an option premium for the future. We have discussed wheel strategy examples with sell calls to trade the options wheel.

Use the Wheel Strategy to Sell Cash-Secured Put Option (CSP)

What are Cash-Secured Puts?

The cash-secured put selling is a strategy in which you will buy the stocks at a good rate and then sell it at a strike rate which helps the traders increase their wealth because of their experience in this department and mostly luck. Its like sell a cash-secured put to get wealth and experience in the field.

Wait for Expiry

This is another step of the Wheel options trading strategy, in which you allow the put option to expire. Buy 100 shares and wait for the expiry. The reason behind this is that if the stock price remains the same as the strike price, then the option will be worthless, and there will be no profit for the trader, which means the trader has to sell the stock at the same price at which buys the stock and it will cause waste of time for him. It’s the option expires worthless. The short Put Option expires by start selling covered calls.

Implementing the Wheel Trading Strategy with advanced options

Implementing the Wheel Trading Strategy

Implementation of the wheel strategy is very easy. There are three simple steps through which you can easily implement the wheel strategy. These steps of wheel strategy are not complicated and you can generate massive income on the stock market through this strategy by selling the put.

1. Sell Cash-Secured Puts

The first step among the three steps is to sell cash-secured puts until you are assigned. It means that firstly, you should pick any stock from the market which you won’t mind owning to start the wheel strategy. And then sell cash-secured put on that particular stock you have chosen. Now you need to keep selling puts until you get assigned stock. If the option expires before you get assigned, you may need to sell another stock. It is that simple.

2. Sell Covered Calls Strategy

The second step is to sell covered calls. You will have to sell covered calls if you have 100 shares of stock or more shares of the stock you chose. You will need to puts and covered calls until you get assigned again. Once you get assigned through a covered call, all your shares will automatically be removed from your account. And the premium will be yours. You will keep it as income.

3. Restart the Wheel Strategy by Selling another Cash-Secured put

The third step is to restart the wheel strategy. Wheel strategy is a systematic as there will be no shares in your trading account, you have to repeat the same steps. You will need to pick a stock and sell cash-secured puts on it until you are assigned. Then sell covered calls on your 100 shares of the stock or more shares until you get assigned again. This is how you implement the wheel strategy. The purpose of the wheel strategy is to produce revenue from the options you are trading by selling a put option. If you get any capital gains from your stocks, these would be just a bonus. By this, you can have stock at a discount and bonus.

Benefits of risk management in Option Wheel Strategy

1. Defined Risk

The wheel option strategy is a long-term strategy that enables you to define and specify your risk exposure. In this wheel strategy you will be able to carefully select strike prices, hold the underlying stock, manage contract duration and you can set aside sufficient cash revenue. Due to these, you will have a clear understanding of your potential losses and you can take steps to lessen your losses.

2. Income generation

In the wheel options strategy, another benefit of risk management is that it allows you to generate consistent income from selling. With sell a call option You can generate income while maintaining a level of control over your overall risk exposure in the wheel trading options. This income can help you to lessen your potential losses and improve your overall profitability.

3. Diversification

The wheel strategy involves diversification. Diversification provides you with opportunities to lessen your losses. Generate income by selling with trading the wheel strategy. It also helps to reduce the effect of individual asset risk. This strategy encourages diversification by circulating investment across underlying assets, industries, or currency pairs.

Risks of Wheel Option Strategy

1. Market volatility

The wheel option strategy can influence your profitability of options contracts and potential asset gain because this strategy is highly exposed to market volatility. Short options and Quick price movement can lead you to potential losses and missed opportunities because it will increase the risk of options being exercised or assigned. This is a risk-of-wheel option strategy that will affect your wheel cycle.

2. Assignment risk

In the strategy, there is a risk of being assigned the underlying set at the strike price if your put option is exercised when you selling cash security puts. If the value of your asset decreases after being assigned, this assignment risk will expose you to potential losses.

3. Opportunity cost

The risk of opportunity cost is carried by selling the put option contracts like covered calls. After selling a covered call, if the price of your underlying assets increases, you may miss out on further possible profits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheel Strategy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheel Strategy


  • . Wheel strategy is great at a relatively low risk
  • . There is over 50% win rate
  • . You can participate in the upside of the stock
  • . Volatility expansion doesn’t have negative effect on long stock.


  • . This strategy is not capital efficient.
  • . It has a lower win rate.
  • . Buying power reduction of stocks is around 50


Wheel trading strategy involves selling a cash-secured to make a profit from an investment while purchasing it at a cheaper price. Use the wheel option with the purpose of either keeping the additional profit if the option expires unsold or purchasing the stock at a favorable price if the option is exercised, its main concepts comprise selling cash-secured put options to earn premium profit. If you have given the stock, you can sell stop call options to increase your income and possibly sell the shares for more money. This strategy aims to make profit from the market fluctuations which can be used to gradually increase the stock holding. When using this method, it’s crucial to have a firm grasp of options trading and risk management.
As far as we have discussed all the important factors and elements one should know as a beginner in the world of trading. If you have any further confusions and questions, we are here to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually is the wheel trading approach?

Wheel trading strategy is basically selling put options on a stock you desire to own is a component of the wheel trading technique. If not, you get the premium and might be able to do it again.

How does the wheel strategy works?

A stock you are willing to purchase is first put into the market by selling cash-secured put options.

What benefits does the wheel approach provide?

Using the wheel strategy, investors might be able to get a deal on stocks and generate money from option payments. Furthermore, it offers a strategy for you to purchase stocks and helps you to profit from sideways markets.

Can I use the wheel strategy in any market condition?

The wheel trading strategy works best in neutral to slightly bullish markets. It may be less effective during extreme market volatility or strong bearish trends.

What are the associated risks of the wheel strategy?

Risks include potential losses if the stock price declines rapidly, and opportunity cost if the stock rallies beyond the strike price of the covered call option.

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