Best ctrader Forex Brokers

What is cTrader Forex Broker?

Best cTrader Forex Brokers offers the cTrader trading platform, an advanced trading platform with professional trading features, fast entry, synchronization, and order handling that Forex professionals highly rate. Spotware Systems built the platform, focusing on speed and high performance as key factors. Because of how well it works, cTrader is great for ECN, technical, day trading, copy trading, and brokers who use other strategies. Ctrader is a Leading multi-asset company. We

Spotware Systems, a provider of forex trading solutions for brokers, institutions, and traders, established cTrader in 2010 as its flagship platform. The platform’s most important features are algorithmic trading, Level II pricing, comprehensive charting, intelligent stop-out, and various order types. cTrader’s advanced technology and user-friendly interface allow it to meet the requirements of both novice and experienced traders. Compared to other sophisticated platforms, its clean and uncluttered design stands out.

Choose a broker that can be difficult, but we’ve made the process easier. We’ve meticulously chosen the Best ctrader Forex Brokers using our industry-leading review methodology and eleven years of experience. Recognising that traders have diverse requirements, experience levels, and trading styles, we separated the victors into four categories. Continue reading to learn about the best cTrader brokers-based platform.

What are the qualities of cTrader?

The software on the cTrader platform is very small, which makes it a useful and fast tool. cTrader has a lot of indicators and lets you change how the graphical interface looks to fit your trade and analysis style.

On other platforms, you might not be able to use time frames like 1 to 34 tick charts or minute charts for 2, 3, 4, and 45 minutes, but you can on cTrader.

One of the best things about cTrader is that you can see how deep a market goes. This very useful feature has helped it become popular among ECN traders.

By watching the liquidity providers’ market live and working with it directly, we can finally stop the broker from getting involved through the dealing desk.

How to use the cTrader Platform?

First, you need to find a broker trading tool that supports cTrader and has various instruments that work for you. Then, you need to sign up for training materials, user guides, and videos, which you will need to use cTrader and learn about its powerful features.

CTrader is a platform that is best for traders with a lot of knowledge or professionals. It has advanced tools like the Open API, the FIX Protocol, and automated trading.  It has a wide range of charts with already loaded technical indicators and an Algorithmic trading solution. The cTrader platform has a lot of benefits that are only available through cTrader. These benefits make trading smooth, something for skilled and advanced traders alike.

cTrader can handle multiple orders simultaneously, so there is no order queue. The market depth shows the Level II Pricing that comes straight from liquidity providers. The cTrader platform has different Desktop, Web, and Mobile App versions. It has a lot of tools, great technical features, different charts, technical analysis, and tools, and you can choose between hedging and netting. Smart charting is great for scalpers because it lets them trade with different Order Types with just one click. Copy trading is a service that was made to copy the trading strategies of professional traders. Find a dealer who works with cTrader. cTrader has a choice of trigger methods, advanced protection, stop-out types, trade signals, and much more.

List of the Top 5 Best cTrader Brokers in 2023

These are the 5 best forex brokers for ctraders.  

The RoboForex

In the list of ctrader, The RoboForex is a popular trading Platform. 58.42% of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this provider lose money. RoboForex is a brokerage firm that was established in 2009. It provides services to 169 countries’ financial markets. RoboForex has more than 3.5 million individuals as clientele. According to client evaluations, RoboForex is a prominent software developer in the Forex industry and one of the top Forex brokers.

RoboForex is recognised as a dependable partner by the most esteemed experts in the financial markets. The business has received numerous prestigious honours. The RoboForex group of enterprises holds an international license from FSC Belize (license number 000138/437) to provide services.

The IC Markets

IC Markets is here to assist traders in the cTrader broker list. Seventy-four point nine three percent of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this provider experience losses.IC Markets, an Australian brokerage firm, was founded in 2007 in the vibrant city of Sydney. Welcome to the world of IC Markets, where our consortium of companies opens up a gateway to the vast expanse of global financial markets. IC Markets is able to conduct business with merchants from virtually any jurisdiction legally and in accordance with local laws, thanks to its offices in various regions.

Raw Trading Ltd., licensed by the SFSA (SD018) in Seychelles, International Capital Markets Pty Ltd is licensed by the ASIC (ACN: 123 281 109), Australia, and IC Markets (EU) Ltd is licensed by the CySEC (362/18), Cyprus. IC Markets is also a proud member of the Financial Commission, which happens to be an independent dispute resolution organization. It’s worth noting that this organization has an insurance fund that covers up to €20,000 per trader.

The FxPro

79.27% of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this provider lose money. In July 2006, the FxPro broker was registered in Cyprus and offered the Ctrader Platform. The following financial regulators have issued licenses for the company’s activities: CySEC, 078/07 (Cyprus), Bahamas SCB (SIA-F184), FCA, 509956 (United Kingdom), and South African FSCA, 45052. FxPro operates effectively in over 170 countries for retail and institutional customers. The broker has won over 85 accolades, including “Best Forex Trading Platform” and “Best Trading Platform.”

FxPro has earned a reputation for offering the finest trading instruments. Traders can trade over 70 currency pairs, futures, and equities (Twitter, Apple, Google) with a FxPro broker. The account type depends on the broker’s over 2,100 trading assets, including cryptocurrencies. The fundamental set of assets is accessible on cTrader accounts, while the complete set is accessible on MT4 and MT5 accounts. The client’s funds are held in large international institutions following FxPro’s strict safety measures. They are separated from the broker’s equity and insured.

XM Company

77.74% of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this provider lose money. In 2009, XM Broker was founded. Initially, the corporation served only as an intermediary in the foreign exchange market, specialising in a limited segment of the trader market. It has since achieved significant success and expansion. XM is dependable and secure. It has diversified and is now a global broker, operating in nearly 190 nations. Offering innovative technological solutions, XM Broker has attracted more than 5 million traders for more than a decade. The company is widely acknowledged as the Fastest-Growing Broker, the Best Forex Service Provider, and for numerous other remarkable achievements. At XM Broker, our staff is committed to continuously enhancing the quality of our services year after year. We strive to offer our traders the utmost level of service, ensuring their satisfaction is our top priority.


71.24% of retail investor accounts that trade CFDs with this provider lose money. HFM is a broker owned by the HF Markets Group that provides a broad range of account types, the largest inventory of trading assets, and superior software. Additionally, HFM offers favourable trading conditions and immediate order execution. In addition, a comprehensive list of tools and services enables everyone to select the optimal option. Multiple regulatory licenses attest to the credibility of the merchant. The company has over ten years of experience in the financial, brokerage, and other services markets. Within this time frame, HFM has won 35 prestigious awards. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals are utilised for trading.

What Are the Pros and Cons of cTrader?

Although no trading platform is ideal for everyone, there are options with a few modifications that can provide cutting-edge features. However, a more reliable out-of-the-box version will require fewer investments.


•An intuitive interface, simple to use and straightforward to navigate.

•Outstanding charting and technical analysis instruments.

•Quick and effective execution.

•A community of cTrader indicator and program developers that is expanding.

C# programming language.

•Automated trading and mirroring.

•Models of execution involving NDD, STP, and ECN.


•Traders unfamiliar with the platform may have trouble navigating its features.

MT5 trading solutions are less automated than MT4 solutions.

•Limited supply available.

A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Trading with cTrader and Custom Indicators

The following is a guide for getting started with automated trading on cTrader:

Select an Agent
Selecting a broker that provides the cTrader platform and supports automated trading is the first step towards automating trading with cTrader.

Look for a broker with competitive spreads, minimal commissions, and a dependable trading environment.

Study Coding Fundamentals
To develop customised indicators and automated trading strategies, you will need to master the fundamentals of coding.

C# is cTrader’s primary programming language, so it is a fine place to start. You can learn to code through online resources, tutorials, or a programming course.

Personalise Your Indicator
Once you have a basic grasp of coding, you can construct your custom indicator or download one from the cTrader marketplace.

Custom indicators can assist you in identifying trading opportunities, executing transactions based on particular criteria, and monitoring market trends.

Strategy Evaluation
Before using a custom indicator in live trading, it is crucial to backtest it on historical data to determine its performance.

You can evaluate your trading strategy and optimise your trading rules using cTrader’s backtesting functionality.

Configure Your Investment Robot
You can configure your automated trading algorithm after you have created your custom indicator and backtested your strategy.

This includes selecting the appropriate parameters, such as trade size, stop-loss and take-profit levels, and defining the trading principles the robot will adhere to.

Check Your Transactions
Even with automated trading, it is necessary to monitor your trades to ensure that they are executed properly and to modify your strategy as necessary.

Observe the performance of your trading robot and make any necessary adjustments to its trading rules or parameters.

It is essential to remember that automated trading can be risky, and you should always employ sound risk management strategies to avoid unnecessary losses. Included are:

Setting the proper stop-loss levels
Observe your transactions.
Portfolio diversification
In addition, you should rigorously test your strategy before using it in live trading, and if you are still determining any aspect of automated trading, you should consult a professional.

How to Configure Charts with cTrader?

Here is a detailed guide to configuring charts on cTrader:

1. Launch cTrader and Choose an Instrument
Launch cTrader on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Select the instrument you wish to view on a chart. This can be a pair of currencies, an asset, or a commodity.

2. Activate a Chart
To open a chart for the selected instrument, right-click on the instrument in the market watch window and choose ‘New Chart’ from the context-sensitive menu.

You can also select the instrument in the market watch window and drag it to the chart window.

3. Personalise Your Chart
After opening a chart, you can customize it to your specifications.

You can change the time frame by selecting a different time period from the drop-down menu at the top of the chart window.

In addition, you can modify the chart type, add technical indicators, and draw trend lines and other chart patterns.

4. Add Technical Indicators
Click the ‘Indicators’ icon at the top of the chart window to add a technical indicator.

This will reveal a drop-down menu from which various indicators can be selected.

It will be added to the chart by clicking on the desired indicator.

5. Save Your Chart Layout
To save your customized chart layout, select the ‘Save’ button at the top of the chart window and provide a name for your layout.

Utilize your customized chart to analyze price fluctuations, identify trends, and make trading decisions.

Remember that chart analysis is only one aspect of trading, and other factors, such as news events and market sentiment, must also be considered.

By following these steps, you can build up a customized chart on cTrader and use it to make informed trading decisions.

Which of cTrader and MetaTrader Should I Use?

cTrader and MetaTrader are two of the most prominent available trading platforms.

Consider the following factors when determining which platform to use:

User Interface and Usability

With features like one-click trading and drag-and-drop charting, cTrader’s modern and intuitive interface makes it simple for traders to use.

The interface of MetaTrader can be more complicated, with a harsher learning curve for novices.

cTrader’s interface, for instance, facilitates access to order management tools, whereas MetaTrader requires multiple steps to manage transactions.

Trading Options and Instruments

cTrader provides various sophisticated charting tools, including time frames ranging from one second to one month and more than seventy technical indicators.

In addition, it provides sophisticated order types, including Market Range, Stop Limit, and Stop Loss/Take Profit.

MetaTrader is popular among algorithmic traders due to its larger selection of custom indicators and expert advisors.

Additionally, it provides advanced order varieties such as Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop Limit, and Buy Limit Stop.

cTrader’s technology is designed to provide quick transaction execution, with a latency of less than 1 millisecond. The order execution speeds of this platform are approximately 10 times faster than MetaTrader’s.

The server infrastructure of cTrader is designed for high availability and reliability.

MetaTrader also provides rapid trade execution and a high degree of dependability. However, cTrader is generally regarded as being quicker and more efficient.

Broker Assistance

MetaTrader is supported by a variety of brokers, including many of the world’s major brokers.

cTrader is less extensively supported, but many reputable brokers still offer it.

IC Markets, for instance, offers both cTrader and MetaTrader.

Mobile Commerce

Both platforms offer mobile trading, but cTrader’s mobile app is more user-friendly and efficient.

It offers sophisticated charting capabilities, price alerts, and account management tools.

The MetaTrader mobile app offers charting and order management features, but some traders may find it more difficult to navigate.

The choice between cTrader and MetaTrader will ultimately depend on your individual preferences and trading requirements:

If you place a premium on sophisticated charting tools and order types, cTrader may be the superior option.
MetaTrader may be the superior choice if you favor a greater variety of custom indicators and expert advisors.
It is advisable to test both platforms to determine which one fits your trading style more comfortably and efficiently.